Ep. 4 Interview w/ HighDefRazjah

#84 Got to sit down & chop it up with the producer of A$AP Ferg's legendary intro "Let it Go" as well as other classics... TBMP Podcast

Ep. 4: Convo w/ HighDefRazjah (THE BEST MUSIC PRODUCER™ Podcast) Had the opportunity to speak with producer HighDefRazjah for the first time, great guy, great convo. We have mutual friends and have been communicating via IG so I decided to have him on the show. RaZjah talks about coming up in the game as a producer in VA, breaks down his legendary production on A$AP Ferg's intro track "Let It Go," going to the same school as Lex Luger, his process/techniques, and many many gems shared. I recommend any producer or artist check out this podcast & I guarantee you'll feel inspired after!



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