Newsletter Update/New Features 💎🔊

#82 Beats added dating back 16+ years, new 2021 beats, 432hz section, H2MAB videos & more!!

Hey everyone, exciting new additions to the newsletter!

I have added 16+ years of my beats into a dropbox folder, all organized by year that you can search and choose beats from. As you know as most of you are producers and artists yourself, you can never get the energy back from a time and a place that you created something.

I am offering my gems to be able to sampled themselves by producers or for artists to write and sing/rap on. They’re unlimited exclusive leases which means that anyone who subscribes to the paid version of the newsletter can access them & publish them.

Also the Meditation Music you’ve been getting here has been conveniently moved to this area.

Sample Packs/Drum Kits by me have been added as well. H2MAB detailed videos/tips will be added as well.

If you feel this is something that resonates with you & you want to join feel free to change your membership under the accounts tab on the substack page its $11.11/month or $111.11/year. I would say this is a worthy purchase, that price won’t stay forever!

Thank you for your support!!

Taavi 🐬🙏🏼