Dolphin Gang, Vol. 1 Album is out!! 🐬⚔️

In 432hz!! 🐬⚔️🐬 #78

The long awaited, long overdue debut compilation album is here. With tracks dating back to 2016 with NYC’s most talented artists. I’m honored to know and work with the world’s finest artists & all of them deserve much more recognition than they currently receive, this shall change. True masterpieces do take time for the masses to recognize.

I hope you get the chance to check out this album & enjoy it as I have. It started with 10 tracks & it’s been trimmed to only those that I’ve been able to play on repeat over and over for 5 years…

Link below to choose your streaming gang:

The artwork is a picture taken by my good friend Marty when we were in a metal band called Malice back in 2002, 03 or 04.

I’ve always liked this pic and had someone on IG make a metal logo for the DG brand as well, his handle is @artofdarknessx & is based out of Australia.

Let me know what you think of the project!! I’d love to hear what your favorite song is & I’m sure the other artists on the tracks would love to hear as well! 🙏🏼🐬

Thank you!!